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You guys remember when this happened and the Teen Wolf fandom shat themselves?


You guys remember when this happened and the Teen Wolf fandom shat themselves?

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kkiananicole-deactivated2013120 asked: "I love you! I've been looking for a tw preference blog for awhile and now that i;ve found yours, i'm never going to be the same. P.S. i just might reblog almost every one of your preferences, just a heads up."

OMG ! this means a lot coming from you , I actually orginally made them after seeing your post , and I love your page and just everything !



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Preference - First Time ( requested ) part one

Real quick before I even start , Im not going into major detail , this is not Rated R , just more pg-13 , ill say what happens all up until awkwardness , and then on some i’ll put the morning after , THANKS PEOPLES ! ( :

Scott - Scott took you out to a picnic in the middle of the woods , on the ledge of a mountine , over looking to city , it was your one year anniversary , also your birthday . You laid in his arms while he was feeding you chocolate strawberries . “Y/N I’m so happy I asked you to homecoming last year. ” Scott said while eating a strawberry himself . You smiled while getting butterflies remembering what happened. You turned around kissing him gently, but with lust and love . You thought about it , he’s been waiting for this since your six month. You leaned into him kissing him harder, but still passionate. He reached up your hip slipping his hand under your cardigan and thick blue tank top. You reached yours to his hips as you balanced your weight with one arm . You kissed down his chin and to his ear. “Im ready.” you whispered full of lust. That night , he wasent the only wolf howling (sorry that line fit perfectly xD )

Jackson - “Y/N I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU ! Why wont you just believe me ! ?” Jackson said following you down the stairs of his house, his parents are in Florida on a business trip. While your stuck hear battling with this. “How am I supposed to believe you , everyone around school is saying you and ‘insert someone you hate’ slept together at Lydia’s party last week !” You were screaming now , way past mad. All of a sudden , your back was against a flat surface, hands above your head gripped with some else, a hand on your waist , and lips on your own. He kissed you roughly but full of lust, he pulled away, forgetting just for a split second what you two were fighting about. “because I want to do it with you, I want you to be my first and last, I want you and only you.” he said looking into my eyes. You got the point as he shoved you into the wall again , wrapping your legs around him in a very hot make-out session. He took you up to his room and the rest of the night came and went.

Isaac - A storm was blazing outside, lighting and thunder in all directions. You knew Derek was having them train tonight but you couldnt help worrying about him. Yeah he’s a werewolf, anddd…. your point… your not invincible to lightening. Every electrical switch was turned out by the storm in your home. The thunder rose and it sent chills up your back, I guess being scarred of thunder and the dark wasent a great situation for you right now. You really wish Isaac was hear to hold you. You heard a tap on your window and whipped your head toward it pulling the blanket up to the bridge of your noose , you heard a faint whisper calling your name. Now you knew you wernt getting up. ” Come on y/n its Isaac.” You quickly scrambled to your feet and opened the window, there he was soaking wet, with a shopping bag in one hand. “Your soaked.” You said pulling him in and setting him down. “Im gunna get you a towel.” You said about to leave “Shhh, what if your dad hears us.” Dad was never fond of Isaac, actually dad was never fond of any boy, “Hes on a trip with my mom, they wont be back tell Sunday. Now let me go get you a towel.” You ran down the hall and got a towel from what you could see from the bathroom . You ran back to see candles lit up in your room and Isaac with his signature smirk sitting at the edge of your bed. “This is amaz-’ You were cut off by Isaacs lips. You now got the candles, a little romantic feeling you guessed. The night went on, and by the time you guys finished, the power was back on. “Perfect timing, huh?” he whispered onto your bare back as you were snuggled up to him.

I’ll do the rest tomorrow loves ! : *

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Reblog this if you feel us.


Reblog this if you feel us.

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Anonymous asked: "can you do a your first time preference?"

suuuuuure , im sorry if i suck at this one tho , im a little new to that kinda stuff , but ill try me best ( :


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Anonymous asked: "Do you take request for preferences"


Am i the only that thinks that there should be teen wolf preferences?


If anyone can find a blog that does them, i’d be forever greatful!


If no one can find one, how would you feel if i did them instead?

I do them …